Climate change is nature’s tax on everything.


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Facts about the costs of climate change to our communities, our country and our planet.

In Ontario

Insurance companies paid out $1.3 billion in insured damages from extreme weather in 2018.


A single windstorm in May caused $380 million in damage in Ontario in 2018.

Extreme flooding in Toronto on August, 7, 2018 caused $80 Million in damages in just 3 hours as experts warn that flooding is the number one climate risk in Canada.

1325 wildfires ravaged 275,000 hectares of land in 2018 as experts predict that wildfires will become more recurrent and intense due to climate change.

The number of extremely hot days in Toronto will go up from 16 to 77 per year by 2100 at the current rate.

Incidence of Lyme disease are on a steep rise due to warming weather and the spread of ticks. Experts predict outbreaks of various pests and diseases as the climate changes.

In Canada

Canada is warming at twice the global rate, with some parts of the north already enduring a 5C temperature increase. The average temperature could rise by as much as 6.3C by 2100.


The most recent study into the economic costs for Canada describe a worst-case scenario of $91 billion per year spent on climate change (2011).

From 2010-2015, the federal government spent more on recovering from large-scale natural disasters than in the previous 39 fiscal years combined.

In the decade from 2005 to 2015 insured losses due to extreme weather were $1.2 billion per year, tripling the average amount from the previous 21 years.

In BC alone in 2017, $668 million was spent fighting forest fires, and studies have confirmed it was fueled by climate change as conditions become hotter and drier.

In Atlantic Canada, large-scale flooding events could happen every few years by mid-century due to sea level rise and coastal erosion from climate change.


The Bank of England estimates climate change could wipe out $20 trillion of global assets.


In 2017, extreme wildfires, storms, hurricanes, flooding and drought led to $306 billion in damage in the US.

New research reveals that Arctic permafrost thawing could add $70 trillion to overall climate costs.

Beer prices could double due to drought caused by climate change.

Climate change is expected to cause major crop failures and lead to drastic global food production shocks that will drive up prices.

Business-as-usual emission trends could cost $2,000 trillion to the global economy.

Scientists estimate we have until 2030 to drastically cut emissions or else catastrophic climate change will be irreversible.

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